Kate Maxx

AKA Carli Bei of Naked News, Kate was kind enough to do an unbiased video review of our popular Takoyaki tentacle toy.


Fetish & gravure model from Tokyo, Hachita focuses her fetish work on “boob & mouth fetish”. This buxom vixen deserves all the support we can give and we strongly suggest checking out her social feeds & subscribing to her!  Be on the lookout for her upcoming fetish photo-book & keep an eye out for a cameo by EroGeisha toys!

Hachi’s Gum-Road Page

Hachi’s OnlyFans Account

Hachi’s Twitter Feed

Ashe Foxx

Content creator, toy reviewer and all-round sweetheart!


Ashley Aoki

Ashley, a hard working content creator from the USA has graced us with her presence and indulged herself with one of our Shinjuku (V1) tentacles! Give her a like, a follow and a subscribe!

Megan Nicole

South Carolina’s sexiest milf – a new friend to EroGeisha and not scared of pulling punches when it comes to reviews.

Megan’s Links


Model, Traveller, Content Creator and Sweety, Fearra has not only enjoyed several of the EroGeisha toys but has taken them globe-trotting with her!

Ashley, a captivating enchatress who sparkles with mischief. Her allure goes beyond mere cuteness & charm, drawing you into her own little world of intrigue.


Instagram Page

Christy Love

Model, performer, Youtuber and awesome human being, Christy Love has a thing for swords, especially those wielded by strong anime women!

Juliette Michele

Everyone’s favorite E-Mommy, a cosplayer, content creator and dream waifu of many


Crowned Miss Paradise-Bash, Lintendo is one of our newest associate models to work with EroGeisha Toys.  Pro model and entertained, give her a link, follow and a subscribe!

Lintendo’s OnlyFans Page

Lintendo’s Facebook Modeling Page

Hachi’s Twitter Feed


One of our favorite Internet GF’s, lightly tattoo’d and knows how to work things over. Give her a like, follow and subscribe and perhaps you’ll encounter her indulging herself with our cyber-equine, Ichigaya!


A naughty little Japanese next-door sister. Kyora is known for her cosplay and ‘exposure’. Give her a like and follow and support her journey into content creation!

Nicole Doshi

Self-proclaimed “Chinese Slut”, she loves to eat, travel and have fun! If you think she looks decadent with our Takoyaki tentacle, wait until you see her team up with her friends to indulge with Takumi, our strapless strap-on!

LAV Baby (MIA)

(always sad when someone takes our product, free of charge, and disappears)

Krystal Davis

WonderMilf with eyes that can melt diamond and a taste for kink!

Unicorn Milf

One of our newest friends, UnicormMilf!


Maria Ozawa (Pending)

The one and only, Maria Oazawa.  We had anticipated helping her out and listing her Instagram page, but sadly trolls have mass-reported it and it has been removed.

Maria’s YouTube Channel

Minty Darling (MIA)

(always sad when someone takes our product, free of charge, and disappears)

Becca Dex (MIA)

(always sad when someone takes our product, free of charge, and disappears)

Alex Chance (MIA)

(always sad when someone takes our product, free of charge, and disappears)