Shacho – President

Shacho is our mysterious president and the man behind the concept. Rumors say that he was the former owner of a sex store who decided to develop his own line of fantasy toys after dissatisfaction with the low quality options he had available.

You can reach Shacho at [email protected] however please direct any sales enquiries to our PR staff Kozakua.

Kozakura – Public Relations/Sales

Kozakua is the face of our PR department and will take care of inquiries via our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. She joined us at the end of 2018 in our infancy.

You can reach Kozakura at or DM her on our Instagram page

Takaaki – Customer Support (Inactive until January 2020)

Takaaki (he/him) joined Ero Geisha at the start of 2019. He is the man helping with our North American expansion. As someone who grew up in both Asia and North America he understands both cultures extremely well and has an excellent grasp of North American cultural nuances. Takaaki brings experience and knowledge from his years as a support specialist. He is committed to listen to the concerns of our customers and answer any questions you may have. Both he and his fiancée have experience with our product line and are avid fans. He is extremely driven and seeks customer success no matter what.

When not working on customer support inquiries or enjoying private time with his fiancée, you can find him in the kitchen cooking traditional cuisine from his homeland, making Sake, and even homebrewing beer. When not doing that; he is either in the garage working on his Toyota Altezza, cruising around town, or biking with his fiancée and dog, enjoying life to it’s fullest.

You can email him at